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We have visitors from all over the world in a variety of countries and of varying ages and interests. Because of this, rules have been set to insure chatters can enjoy themselves and chat with minimal annoyances.

1.) Please chat in English or Japanese (romaji) ONLY!

Each day, we receive many visitors from countries all around the world who often speak very different languages. To make the chat understandable for the majority of users, we have decided that ONLY English and Japanese (typed in romaji) should be spoken.

2.) NO ASKING for girls, guys, Japanese people

#Japan is NOT a pickup channel! If you want to chat, you should be able to do it
regardless if the other chatter is male/female/Eskimo or whatever.
Those questions are just annoying, please don't do it.

3.) NO ASKING for op/voice status

OPs and "voices" asking is a BIG taboo! If you are a nice person
showing regularly and chatting regularly, the OPs WILL notice it sooner or later
and "reward" that with a "+" in front of your Nick.
That does NOT mean, that you will get a "+" whenever you join,
so please don't be sad if you don't receive it. You are able to chat without it and it does not make ANY difference at all for chatting purposes.
People who ask for OP/+v are instantly placed WAY back in priority and will most certain vanish from the channel sooner or later, if not immediated removed. Please don`t do it.

4.) NO asking for asl, translation requests, swearing and other lameness

You can chat with people of any age, gender and locality.

# Note: Just asking where somebody is from IS NOT = "ASL" and thus allowed, however, not everybody necessarily feels like sharing that info with you.
Many people join the channel asking for translation of some anime or other. often without even saying a simple greeting at all.
That is most annoying as most people join the channel for chatting and NOT to translate somebody's anime or homework. You can find many Japanese translating resources on the web. Please see our Links for some examples.

Using expressions that are considered foul, vulgar, sexually harassing, racially offensive*, or in any way discriminatory will result in instant removal from the channel. These expressions include, but are not limited to, ethnic slurs, hate speech, ideological discrimination, and religious epithets. Whether an expression fits under this definition will be determined by the active staff.

(* That includes terms like "jap" or "japs"! Please do not use those abbreviations.)


5.) NO sex / porn / pervert / racist channels

We have users of all ages, minors as well and we will remove any person
being on channels which are known for sexual or offensive content.

6.) NO URLs / emails / telephone / IDs for other networks etc.

If you paste ANY URL in the channel, you will most likely be instantly removed. This is a necessary precaution due to spammers. IF you want to HELP somebody with an URL of any kind, please do it via private message or /notice. To protect everybody's privacy we do NOT allow emails, telephone numbers or IDs for other networks (yes, Friendster too) to show up in the channel.


7.) NO unauthorized bots / clones / scripts

If you want to chat, just ONE IRC-client will do fine. There is no need to
join the channel with clones or even bots.

Please switch OFF automatic scripts like seen, ping, mp3 when in #Japan


8.) NO spamming, excessive repeating, or excessive use of capitals

There is no need to keep repeating something you say. Saying the point ONCE will suffice. If you feel that you need to make an emphasis on a single word, capitalise that SINGLE word.


9.) NO complaining about the rules

These rules have been decided upon to make this channel as enjoyable as possible for the majority of chatters. If you do not agree with the rules, you are able to find another channel, there is nothing binding you to this channel. Please avoid expressing your disagreement of certain rules. You will be removed from the channel.

Thank you for your cooperation!

You can be sure: the #Japan OPs do NOT enjoy to kick or ban
people from the channel, but #Japan is a popular target of
flood bots, spam and other lameness of all kind.
We are just humans like you and mistakes can happen.
IF you got removed from the channel and don't know why,
please check your kick msg. If you think that somebody accidentally
removed you from the channel, please feel free to msg any active OP
to clear that out or send us mail.


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