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Security News



Bot Commands:

There are some "triggers" which you can use on the channel when "Allice" is online.

!url does show the URL for this site

!country <jp> does show the country (in this case Japan)

!time <country> Worldtime service (Use in PM to Allice!)

!show all kind of chat statistics (DISABLED again due to abuse)

!date B-Day database (type !date --help) if you want to input your B-Day

!ex Currency exchange (uses abbrev. like JPY, EUR, USD ...DISABLED)

!whereis <nick/IP> (NO MORE for the public because of too much abuse, sorry)

!seen <nick> (wildcards supported)


PLEASE use those triggers in a responsible manner! Abuse, multiple requests and flood will result in restricting the commands to OPs only or complete removal of the service!


We had some nice chatters who translated the channel rules to other languages... very good job, thank you all very much for your effort!

If you are willing to translate the "Rules" to another language, please contact an active OP or send mail to the address at the "Contact" page. This is voluntarily, you will NOT get any payment for it, but your name/nick will be shown in the Credits.

Since April 16th 2004