Here some short samples

Update May 2014: Added "Alone" via Youtube

Update Nov 2013: Exchanged some local links with soundcloud stuff

Update Nov 2011: Added Ibanez Blazer pic and MIA details of this instrument.

Update 04. JAN 2009: Added 'Blues', a recent tune done all with Virtual Instruments.

Update 26. Dec 2004: just noticed that I did not update anything here in 2 years :/

Update 8.Oct 2002: added winter song "Yuki no hana" ( Eisblume) and "Fang das Licht".



Mari1 - Revisited after 20 Years Mari1 yep(MP3)
Covering "Koibito Yo" by Mayumi Itsuwa (五輪 真弓) Koibitoyo yep(SoundCloud)
Covering "I_need_a_man" (Francis Lai - Bilitis - 1977)

I need a man yep(Youtube)

Covering "Somewhere Down The Road" (Barry Manilow)

Somewhere down the road yep(Youtube)



Covering "Alone" by Masayoshi Takanaka Alone-made_alone speaker(Youtube)


2012 - 2013 Original stuff

Playing around with some Hammond plugin Naked Organ (Feb 2013) 
1st recording playing the "EWIUSB" on top Naked Organ + EWI (Mar 2013)
2nd recording playing the "EWIUSB" Pink Panther Theme 
Xmas song (Ja) by @wife + real pipeorgan Yuki no hana (2012)
Mimo *4 "singing" experimental Mr. Bompiman (Jan 2012) 
Xmas song parts - instrumental Morgen kommt 
NoName (Electronic bass + other virtuals) NoName (Aug 2012) 

2012 - 2013 Live stuff

Piano (with "Good Times Roll Band") HOT! Madobe ... (Nov 2013) 
Epiano (with "Nothing On My Mind") NatuNoHajimari (Aug 2013) 
Epiano (with "Nothing On My Mind") Route66(Aug 2013)

Hammond (with "Nothing On My Mind")

Boggie On Reggae Woman (Aug 2013) 
Epiano (with "Nothing On My Mind") You've got a Friend (Aug 2013) 
Piano (with "Nothing On My Mind") Iko Iko (Aug 2013) 
Hammond (with "Nothing On My Mind") Screaming Heart (Aug 2013) 

2000+ stuff

Realplayer ( OFFLINE )                                            mp3  (ONLINE)
  Citywalk I 
  Lonely Night Blues (Jan 2009)
  Mari I 
  Mari II 
Original version - Yuki = snow (Schnee), Hana = flower (Blume)
Xmas song in Japanese by @wife
Yuki no hana

A recording grabbed from some old cassette tape, recorded together with my wife: Fang das Licht     

New arrangement, more like the original (K. Gott & Darinka)     Fang das Licht 2013 speak    


The following is NOT my original music, but i had much fun to get it into the PC.
Now there are many other things i did for fun, .... one example is..... i did play live at some Pink Floyd (cover) events
here in Japan, ..... however,  the band setting ( 5-6 musicians + 3 chorus girls) did change much, some disappeared into nowhere, so lately there was not much chance to play good old Pink floyd :(    .... however, ... desperate as i am, i did input some tunes into my sequencer ( what an ugly idea) .... if you are up to it, here is a little sample (mp3)
Pink Floyd The Wall

well, .... if you are reading this, you are still here :-)) ......there is (much) more, ....
I did try to reproduce a tune from "Flim & The BB`s" one of the few treasures in my CD-collection, .......

Last but not least

Where is my guitar? Some decades ago, I bought a new metallic blue "Ibanez Blazer" guitar. Then I found the design a bit boring and removed all that blue stuff from the body, replaced it with mahogany. I also replaced the plastic pickguard with some gold-ish metal, so this is/was a quite unique piece.

The sad thing is: this instrument got lost somewhere in Japan. The live house ("Ambassador" in Tokyo Machida) went down and some of the equipment was sold or what not. So, this guitar is now gone unless somebody would recognise it AND happen to stumble upon this page. The odds are .....
This is a sample from the web of how the head probably still looks like:


IF you should know anything about the current location of this guitar, kindly drop me a line at email

Thank you very much for your attention, have a nice day!